Parthi is a "passionate citizen, advocate and a person of high integrity."
Rob O
I am very pleased and grateful that Parthi Kandavel is standing for election as TDSB Trustee in Ward 18, Scarborough-Southwest.

Parthi brings theory, practice and passion to education issues. With a Masters in Education he has the knowledge and theoretical basis to add value to important discussions at the TDSB. As a trained and experienced teacher, Parthi brings practical experience to those discussions. And as a passionate citizen, advocate and person of high integrity, Parthi will ensure that the children, youth, parents and other citizens of Ward 18 are both heard and represented in those discussions.

I am proud to call him both a friend and a valued colleague in making our city and our province a better place to live and to learn.
Rob Oliphant
Minister, United Church of Canada
Parthi is "sincerely committed to the betterment of our educational system."
Brenda Beck  Head shot for Parthi
Parthi Kandavel is a gifted teacher who understands his students and is greatly admired by them.  I speak from the heart as I have seen him in action in several different classrooms as well as in other settings. Parthi is also a strong community leader, a man who is sincerely committed to the betterment of our educational system.

He is an innovative thinker and also a helpful, attentive team player who listens to others' points-of-view.  He is someone who supports equity and justice for all who participate in our school networks: as students, as teachers and as administrators.
Dr. Brenda Beck
Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto
Thanks to Mr. Kandavel for "Best grade experience ever!"
Thanks for creating such a memorable, wonderful school year for the grade sixers!

Your perceptiveness in understanding each child's personality and tailoring your approach based on that made for a great, safe environment for the kids to open up, learn and grow in.

Lushaa has said several times she has never felt more comfortable speaking up and never had more fun in any other grade. Little do the kids realize now what a beautiful, poignant gift you have given them in terms of fresh, new experiences and memories that they will look back upon with great fondness through the years.

The love of a child is simple and uncomplicated - thought I should share that the one quality Lushaa says she has rarely experienced in a teacher and loved about you is the ability to guide/ correct each student without embarrassing the individual:) - sounds simple but has a huge impact:)

We meet many teachers in school but there are just a few who you remember fondly and reverently forever - you are one for Lushaa. You're right up there, number one in her heart for the best Grade experience ever!!
Aparna Sarwal
Parent of a former student of Parthi Kandavel
Social Workers for Parthi Kandavel
Parthi এক ব্যক্তি যার লালনপালন একটি সহজ এবং সাধারণ ভাবে হয়েছে এবং যে শিশুকাল থেকে শিক্ষার পটভূমি তে উপস্থিত আছে. এই ক্ষেত্রে, স্কুল বিষয়ের জন্য তার ভূমিকা ট্রাস্টি বোর্ডে এর মধ্যে (trustee board)একটি তাজা দৃষ্টিকোণ এবং মতামত আনবে. আমাদের এমন একজন প্রতিনিধি এবং প্রার্থী প্রয়োজন, যে স্কুল বিষয়ে পরিবর্তন আনতে পারেন.

Parthi হলেন সেই ব্যক্তি ! আপনি আমার ভোট পাবেন পারথী. You have my vote Parthi!
Nabeela Chowdhury
Director, Operation HOPE
Mr. Kandavel is "always there to help me whenever I have trouble."
Mr. Kandavel taught me in grade 6. Even though he isn’t my classroom teacher now, he is still my mentor outside the classroom. In that one year Mr. Kandavel has taught me many things.

He somehow got me to actually like math, as well integrating values into each subject.  He’s taught us to be respectful to everyone, help whenever we can and treat everyone the same.  I look up to Mr. Kandavel, literally, as well as a mentor and friend. He’s always there to help me whenever I have trouble.

Mr. Kandavel is always looking out for the best for all his students. Even if they’re not his student he is always ready to help. What I really like about Mr.Kandavel is that he identifies the strengths in each and every student and helps them build on them. He knows how to react to every student and situation. He made each and every student in my class and my brother’s class feel welcomed and valued. He is known for his leadership and care. He is well-liked by all the students and parents as he is truly an inspirational teacher.
A Student from Mr. Kandavel's Grade 6 Class
Parthi has a "passion for education will serve our students well"
Parthi is a young articulate leader who has a tremendous future in public life. His passion for education will serve our students well and would be a great representative on the TDSB.
Brad Duguid
Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure
Parent's endorsement of Parthi's teaching
I stand here on behalf of my son and the many students in recognition of Mr. Kandavel role as a teacher, leader, mentor, administrator and arbitrator – yes arbitrator, as he has taught many parents, including myself, how to effectively settle a dispute with an eight year old.
Kathleen Aguilar
Parent of a former student of Parthi Kandavel