About Parthi
anu parthi 1
  • Parthi has lived, learned and worked in the Kennedy and St. Clair area of Scarborough Southwest for more than 25 years. He understands the triumphs, realities, and challenges of the ward. Parthi and his wife, Anu, are homeowners and appreciate the value of our hard earned tax dollars.
  • As Chair of the Corvette Residents Association, Parthi successfully led the representation at City Hall and the OMB for the closure of a local bar's illegal patio.
  • Hailing from three generations of teachers, Parthi understands the value of a strong education. Parthi's father was a high school calculus and chemistry teacher in the TDSB, and his wife (Anu) teaches at McMaster University.
  • Parthi holds a Masters degree in Education and taught at two schools in the ward, John A. Leslie Public School and Regent Heights Public School.
  • Parthi is active in the local community as a tutor, playwright, director and a Big Brother in YAY.
If you would like to contact Parthi, or request a lawn sign, please send an email to pkandavel@gmail.com.